Friday, May 13, 2011

Testosterone shots for my Newborn

As you all know, I was fighting to find an endocrinologist who was willing to give my son the testosterone treatment that will allow him to have an average size penis.

He was born with a 2.5 cm long penis and in our opinion it was a little too close to what it is considered a micropenis: 2 cm.

Average length for his age is 4 cm.

We found an article on the internet that talks about a study conducted in 25 kids with anorchia at different ages, and pretty much all of them got results after getting 50 mg on a monthly basis for a total of three months.

At Children's Hospital in D.C., we found a great endocrinologist that prescribed the shots, although he prescribed 25 mg, apparently the amount does not make any difference.
They worked! Now we are looking for a doctor that can put implants in our baby.

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