Thursday, March 13, 2014


It has been quite some time since my last post. I feel a little ashamed because I really wanted to have a very productive blog going where people can get information and be proactive about their treatment. And I neglected it for almost two years!
Lots of things happened. I actually went through a big tragedy in my family and stress was added due to a monumental move across the country that followed. I guess that takes the attention away from anybody, right? Also, I was losing hope about my son’s condition. I felt so sad that I just did not want to think about it anymore. As if just not checking the blog or the facebook page as often will make it disappear.
Also, I tried to get pregnant again and I am now the mom of a happy 4 month old little girl while starting a new and challenging new job. Now talk about distractions!
I was re-reading what I wrote on my blog and realized that keeping a record, actual helps the condition. There are questions that we re-think again, unfortunately there are also new babies in this world coming with anorchia, and moms from everywhere desperately looking for answers just as I was.
I’ll try to fill in the gaps by re-telling experiences that I might have left out and I will also try to recruit more people to contribute to the blog so it gets more diverse and interesting.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Hello is this blog still alive or am i attempting to necro it?